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Well planning throughout Europeis the perfect preparation for your project

Involve us in the project at an early stage.

A well is a complex, cost-intensive process that takes many weeks and requires a detailed preparation phase. If the borehole is at a standstill due to technical errors, it quickly becomes expensive – an unpleasant circumstance that must be avoided at all costs. 

The team of GTS General Tubular Services GmbH supports the oil and gas producing as well as geothermal industry in Europe with a well-founded well-founded drilling planning for this important project, so that the course is set for successful production. We incorporate our many years of experience and know-how into every project and use state-of-the-art technology.

Scope of drilling planning with us you are on the safe side right from the start

invole us at the beginning of the planning phase so that we can talk about your wishes.

For a smooth process, we coordinate the delivery times as well as the specifications of the type of pipe as well as our equipment and personnel with you. 

Important areas within project planning include the following:

  • Availability/delivery terms of centralizers
  • Availability/delivery terms of float equipment
  • Type of pipes/connections to be used
  • Planned period of work
  • Requirements from authorities/municipalities etc.

Make an appointmentfor well planning

If you are interested in working with GTS General Tubular Service GmbH, please give us a call or send us a message. On request, we are also at your disposal if you are looking for an expert for centralizer positioning or high-quality products for the petroleum, natural gas or geothermal industry.

Let's start your project now!

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