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Centralizer positioningin drilling throughout Europe

With precise planning, we create the conditions for a smoothly running project.

If a well for crude oil or natural gas is to be carried out, numerous aspects must be analyzed in advance. One area of crucial importance is centralizer positioning. Centralizers are used for the centric installation of the piping in the borehole. A prerequisite for the correct insertion of the Cenzralizer is a sufficiently large annular space. Even the smallest deviations can have far-reaching consequences and endanger the entire project. We would like to counteract this scenario with the exact centralizer positioning.

Leave nothing to chance with this cost- and time-consuming project and contact GTS General Tubular Services GmbH, which works for customers throughout Europe, right from the start.

We carry out a precise planning of the centralizers. Because: A good elaboration in advance is ultimately cheaper than leaving the project to chance. You can always rely on our comprehensive service, which is characterized by detailed, individual advice, high quality and the latest findings in drilling technology.

these indispensable prerequisitesfor centralizer positioning we have for you

Drilling is a complex process that requires specialized expertise. Our detailed knowledge of well preparation, geological experience and the use of computer-aided calculation modules give you the necessary security for professional and safe drilling. This allows you to use your schedule efficiently and reduce costs.

How to reach us

Would you like to know more about our services in centralizer positioning or in the field of drilling planning and positioning? Then we look forward to your inquiry via telephone, e-mail or contact form. We advise you in detail and prepare an offer perfectly tailored to your requirements. Of course, your satisfaction and success are the focus of our work at all times.

Our team is looking forward to a successful cooperation.

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